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Your inhaler is only as good as your inhaler technique


Homepage for the 2Tone Trainer ( ) - inhaler training device.

This site helps to explain how pressurised metered dose inhalers work, and how to use them to best effect - maximizing the amount of medication or drug that reaches the lungs, and minimising the risk of side effects.  The following pages are relevant to : asthma inhaler technique puffer pMDI inhaling correctly poor incorrect correct COPD drug delivery aerosol lungs oropharynx throat side effects candidiasis thrush oral hoarse sore inspiratory flow speed dry powder

BBC Television News (Video)  2Tone Trainers in use with Community Pharmacists  (Isle of Wight Primary Care Trust)

2Tone is a handy device that trains you to inhale at the correct speed, helping coordination, minimising waste and maximising the benefit your inhaler can give.

 Lecture handout  "Patients do the Silliest things - Inhalers and Getting the most from them"

 Lecture handout  "Sherbet Fountains and Inhaler Devices - What do they have in common ?"

 Why Optimise Inhaler Technique in Asthma and COPD ? British Journal of Primary Care Nursing (Respiratory) March 2008


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The speed at which you breathe in through your inhaler matters and, if you're using the most commonly-prescribed inhaler (the "metered dose inhaler" or "puffer") you, and your healthcare professional are probably doing it too fast.

Animation - "How to get the most from your Metered Dose Inhaler"  New - Download a copy to your PC

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